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Nowadays, most homes are equipped with roller shutters. This type of opening offers many advantages, especially in terms of comfort. Several reasons can lead us to open the trunk of this equipment: troubleshooting, motorization, maintenance, etc.. This manoeuvre is often not easy depending on the type of roller shutter. This guide then helps you to open the roller shutter box.

To open the box of your roller shutter, you must equip yourself with one or two rather powerful flat screwdrivers. You also need a painter's knife. Once you have these tools, the work will no longer have to be difficult for you. It is enough to undo the sub-race or the front facade of the roller shutter box which is often clipped, screwed, or nested. To achieve this, follow the guide corresponding to the type of your roller shutter: traditional or renovation block shutter.

The "renovation" roller shutter is a type of shutter installed on windows that were not initially designed for this purpose. His trunk is outside, over the window lintel. All you need to open the trunk is a screwdriver or a power screwdriver. Remove the front of the housing by locating the screws and unscrewing. It is not the entire trunk that opens, but just the front and the bottom part. If you do not get any openings after unscrewing, check if there are still screws to remove. If there is none left, use a flat screwdriver or a painter's knife by inserting it into the groove or notch. Slide it gently along the groove until you get a full opening.

The trunk of some shutters is resistant to opening. The good reason is that it is clipped in a very firm way. The opening is then made by means of a robust flat screwdriver. Insert it at a notch along the bottom and sides of the trunk. You use this screwdriver to lever to release the front part. Do this at the bottom left in a progressive way. Then pull the front panel towards you and upwards in a gentle manner to prevent the trunk from breaking.

As a note, only a smooth opening and closing allows you to maintain the mechanics of your roller shutter and preserve its life. The best solution is to equip it with an engine. We therefore advise you to buy a high-performance and reliable roller shutter drive.

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