レーザー303 5000mW緑天文ポインター長距離燃焼懐中電灯

更新日 2017年11月06日

合計 232pv


* This astronomy green laser has 8,000-10,000m transmission distance
* Generate a 532nm wavelength green laser beam that is clearly visible and full of energy up to 5W
* Easily burns matches, cigarettes or stuff, and scare birds, driving beast in outdoor activities
* Adjustable focus suits all kinds of need, it's very easy to control
* 5000mw green laser is equipped with 6 lenses: dot pattern, starry and multi patterns
* Install a 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, chargeable and durable
* The two keys are equipped for better use and safety of the laser 5000mw product
* High power laser pointer is made of aircraft grade aluminum, solid and stable
* Switch with touch settings, the use of more convenient and user friendly
* Our compact flashlight products are the most authoritative and most regular, free shipping, 30-day return policy, 12-month warranty

5000mW Green Laser Pointer Astronomy Burning Cigarette with Long Distance
With laser pointer 5000mw ultra large output power,5w green laser makes it possible to light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, repel birds and much more. Aero grade aluminum alloy shell is tough and durable for long-lasting use.
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