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The working principle of blue beam laser pointer is in its corresponding to the human eye light sensitivity of 400-400 nm range emission wavelength of visible light.

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The working principle of blue beam laser pointer is in its corresponding to the human eye light sensitivity of 400-400 nm range emission wavelength of visible light. The spectrum ranges from red to violet. Beyond that spectrum, eyes can't see other wavelengths, such as ultraviolet. From the longest wavelength to the shortest, the eyes see the corresponding red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in color.

Don't know 450 yards application in 2000 mw laser pointer, shooting through my sitting room, it seems likely is exaggerated. Now is very light, I just want to see if the laser as well as beautiful, its function is very powerful, but when you say, I can't see the lines. But for this reason, I gave this 5 out of 5.

Aim the laser pointer is a combined system accessories, to work in a desired distance show laser beam of high precision and high precision. It can make a perfect vertical or horizontal laser beam generator. In all visible powerful laser blue, red, blue and purple, green and yellow laser light, laser 532nm laser pointer green is most sensitive to the laser color on the ground. The laser pointer is the easiest to absorb.

When need high power laser pointer long operating distance, it always elaborate design, has more laser tube size, 26 mm diameter. Portable pen type, easy to install, easy to operate, cheap price. If you use the super powerful 5000mw laser, in most cases do not need to install the new electrical box. This is true for nuts and bolts that look and feel. Consumers are becoming more aware of the color vision. Discrimination against some people, especially designers.

I bought it for the laser to play with our dog. Products can also be this is what I have high intensity can focus the laser pen next to the trivial, but the laser pen just give me a bonus, because it is purchased. The laser pen isn't very bright, but we just bought it for the device. Our dog likes to hunt in the yard at night. Although the scourge is not as the most expensive tactical unit we have so powerful, but it still works well.

This is a good product price! Good price for a compact multi-purpose laser setting device. The product is not as strong as I had hoped and concentrated, but it is still available. I use it especially for work or camping. I hope to have two buttons, one for white wires, another for laser pen. The green laser is powerful. I am also happy with the power/focus of the green laser. All of them are a solid 4 1/2 "unit, which is a large laser pencil bag.

During the generation of continuous processing points, the operation of the laser pointer has just allowed a fairly stable measuring point. The intelligent feedback control system has just reacted to the diode's laser blue response time. Whatever a bit in the workplace, the blue powerful laser pointer only inside the laser tube to keep the highest activation and reaction time, in order to improve the temperature of the laser tube.

Working principle: laser transmission amplified by electromagnetic radiation of light. It's like an arrow pulled out by an incredible gentle archer. The name of the archer buff is radiation. The laser pointer is not correct, when using because of injury risk of weak light, limited edition. During the day, they can not be more than 5mw, although can clearly see that green and blue indicates high power laser beam. This makes them useful for measuring, searching and rescuing, even frightening wildlife.

The previous 100mw laser pointer carbon dioxide laser caused heat damage to small human tissues that caused the tissue to overheat or heat. The group then creates a pen size tool that USES fiber optics. One fiber directs the infrared laser of the co2 fuel to the wound with precise precision, and the other will lead from the pen to the infrared sensor, which measures the temperature and ensures that the temperature stays within the ideal range of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. All you need to do is move the tip with a soluble protein solids along the incision.

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