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Today, they can monitor their location by using mobile phone jammer or their car's global positioning system spy tool.

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The global positioning system has achieved almost all such technological advances, and a decade ago, parents were anxious not to peer into their children's location. Today, they can monitor their location by using mobile phone jammer or their car's global positioning system spy tool. The technology, on the other hand, in addition to eliminating daily activities in the hidden side of though if you know your privacy has been severely eroded, some steps you can take to you some privacy. In order to prevent the volatility of the global positioning system (GPS) is a spy in the face of GPS technology, in the best way to regain freedom.

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These tools is the important problem, in most places in the radio, the federal communications commission banned the sale of these tools when don't like the rf signal. Even though these tools can only be effective in short distances, they are still prohibited. It is similar to having radar detection tools in areas that make it illegal. Mobile phone jammers are very popular today, as well as wifi jammer and GPS.

Cellular phone jammer suppresses the if signal cannot reach the idea of global positioning system (GPS) spy tools, may contain some inaccuracies in use. When they work, they stop the spy signal by sending a stronger signal, which is disconnected from the incoming spy signal, so that the spy signal doesn't seem to work. GPS locking tools run in a small area and are effectively transported to block signals to the car's spy tools, or they can be used to block any GPS devices (such as mobile phones) in your body.

At the university of Texas at Austin radio navigation lab director subvert GPS shows his students his small workshop experimental video, these experiments desultorily all sorts of equipment. It shows the length of a mobile smart phone, the screen shows the Google map: "the device using GPS chip positioning, and shows the location of a blue dot on the map." Suddenly, the blue dot moved, as if the smartphone had just been shipped on the car, and it was still in the same place. The position of the GPS chip transmission errors but reliable, because of the progress on the map the normal speed down the street.

In order to explain the riddle, Todd humphries (subvert GPS) pointed out that in the corner of the shop an ordinary case: "this is a deceiver (" usurper"), a GPS simulator. It picks up real signals from GPS satellites and then resends them at the same wavelength after a slight modification of the coordinates. Near the GPS system will pick up the deception of false GSM jammer, because it is stronger than 20000 kilometers from earth satellites. If I have a good antenna on the roof of this building, I can twist all the GPS in the neighborhood, even the planes that cross the city. "

According to Todd Humphreys, a hacker, rogue Mafia or a terrorist malicious use of the spoiler could lead to a chain disaster, because GPS systems now play a crucial role in many industries: land, air and container management, agricultural machinery guidance, electronic communications and even banking, using satellite signals as a universal clock, and financial transactions have so far reached a hundredth of a second.

We've got a fight back. In the UK, a consortium of public and private laboratories has developed a device that can detect GPS jammers. Along the road tests, the researchers were surprised to find that they are already quite extensive, tested several times each week in a single crossing, a random sample.
In Austin, Todd humphries (GPS) is completing the development of a more sophisticated equipment, the precise positioning of GPS jammer, and allows the police seize these devices. On the other hand, he noted that the USRP (general software radio peripherals) type of new radio transmitters were highly rated by researchers and amateurs because of the coverage of all bands, and could broadcast signals on GPS frequencies. This leads to very effective interference. The war has only just begun.

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