The new face of David Jones,

  Before the David Jones spring/summer '17 show,

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 Before the David Jones spring/summer '17 show, Adut Akech writes a letter to her younger self, detailing her journey as a refugee to Australia, her love of modelling and the struggles she faced growing up.

  As much as I hated the thought of moving to another country I knew that this was what's best for me and my family's future. This was the first time I was ever forced to see the bigger picture. As much as I don't want to leave behind the life I had known I, I knew that Kenya didn't have much to offer me and my family.

  At age six I received what at the time I thought was the worst yet also the best news, that my family and I got approved to move to Australia.

  This process was done by my auntie and my older sister who had moved to Australia before me. I was thrilled when I heard that I was going to be seeing my sister who I haven't seen in years. Due to living in different city with my auntie I didn't get to see my older sister much and that made me really sad and every time she would come to visit I never wanted her to leave. I'd cry and beg her to stay on every visit because it was really fun to have someone to play with. Some girls would bully me because I didn't have my older sister around to stick up for me all the time so whenever she came to visit I'd tell her who bullied me and she would go and confront then and all the girls would be scared and not bully me until she left again.

  After civil war broke out in South Sudan my family fled, and during this time my mother was pregnant with me and I was born on the way to Kenya. On 25 December, 1999 I was born and some days later my family safely made it to a refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya. This is where my family settled down and started a new life.

  My mother was working hard non-stop to put food on the table especially for my older sister and I. She made sure that we had clothes to wear and shoes on our feet. This was 10 times better been living in South Sudan, but making a living was not easy. You had to work really hard for survival.

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