Gatling Laser Pointer 30000mW

The Gatling 30000mw blue laser pointer military minigun is a cool product, a amazing shape design.

更新日 2017年04月17日

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Gatling Laser Pointer 30000mW High Power Blue Burning Lasers Pen
The military gatling minigun high powered 30000mw blue laser pointer is a extremely cool product,not has it only a amazing shape design,but the cheap 30000mw burning laser also could easily burn something flammable.It is very ultra strong powerful!

30000mW Gatling Strong Powerful Blue 450nm Astronomy Attacking Burning Laser Pointer Pen


gatling laser

Features :
* Generate a 450nm powerful blue laser beam that is clearly visible
* 10000-15000m super transmission distance
* Be made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, solid and stable
* Be equipped with 2*16340 batteries, chargeable and durable
* 5 Laser Caps + 8in1 Lens : dot pattern, starry and multi patterns
* Easily Burns matches or cigarettes, burn paper, shoot balloon , repel birds and much more
* Adjustable brightness and focus to suit all kinds of needs
* Built in laser module to improve heat dissipation device, circuit board acquisition and protection design

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