NYFW in February

Public School Will Return to NYFW in February

更新日 2016年12月20日

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Public School is retuning to the New York Fashion Week calendar in February.

In April this year, creative directors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne announced several changes in the brand's production schedule: it would present men's and women's collections together, host shows in December and June (instead of February and September, to more closely align with retail distribution) and the ranges would be called "Collection 1" and "Collection 2" rather than "Spring" and "Fall."

Now that Chow and Osborne have ended their stint at DKNY (which they've held together since April 2015), they're bringing Public School back to the traditional fashion week schedule, starting with the Fall 2017 season. They've already claimed the 11 a.m. slot on Wednesday, February 12, 2017, where they'll continue to show men's and women's collections together.

The designer duo stepped down as co-creative directors of DKNY at the beginning of December, announcing they would put more focus in their own brand moving forward. With talks of developing their retail store and e-commerce presence, perhaps this is only the first of many changes for Public School under Chow and Osborne's undivided direction.

Take a look at a sampling of the brand's Collection 1, which was presented in June 2016, below―and be on the lookout for what's to come in February.

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