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I assume this parrot owner is using this Red Laser Pointer to provide Kiwi with some mental stimulation.Emits a animation laser beam with great visibility,it is visible on most surface including on light colors.Our lasers pointers are for professionals, are not toys.These devices are not suitable to give to children or irresponsible persons.Do not aim the laser at people, animals or vehicles running.The glow of the beam can cause vision damage.The laser light bounces off glass and reflective surfaces.Extreme caution is recommended during use.
Perfect for Astronomy as it is clearly visible at night or for any variety of educational and professional events and presentations. Not only is the green laser up to 28 times brighter than a red laser pointer but the beam is actually visible as it travels to its intended target. If you are looking for POWER, than you can not go wrong with the Deluxe Green Laser Pointer!Upon seeing a moving laser light dot, they were always intensely curious, trying to grab the "red moving berry" with a foot or their beak.

Lasers can be hard to avoid with many of the modern toys marketed to children nowadays. Teach your child the dangers of laser pointer and that they're not to be used as toys or looked at directly. If you do buy a gift with a laser feature, just make sure it's below five mW and age-appropriate for your child.

I've been looking on line at 10mW and 20mW green pointers but don't know from experience which to select and whether green is better than red.But I would argue that any use of the laser pointer simply reinforces all that PowerPoint allows the speaker to get wrong. If you need a laser pointer to highlight something on a slide, frankly your slide is too complicated. Or if your graphic needs you to point out something with a green laser pointer , your graphic is unclear. Sure, sometimes graphics are complex.I'm hoping to solve this problem by supplying a laser pointer for these shoots. Can anyone recommend a good pointer?
For all power lasers over 5mW are needed goggles suitable for wavelength.Laser modification or misuse can result in a risk of injury and permanent eye damage.Lasers are generally used for astronomy, education, research, construction and other areas where they act as precise indicators.
Now, you may be asking yourself how it is that this little 3000mw laser pointer , at just 160mW, can have such a large effect on the moon when a 100 W lightbulb won't.The box should say in big letters "Use of goggles when using this laser indoors is highly recommended to prevent eye damage from reflected light." Really, the back scatter off of just a white wall is amazing! In the picture above right (mine) the laser beam is hitting the cloth on a speaker cover because that was the least reflective thing I could find!

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